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ixcellerate customers can manage colocation services through their personal accounts

IXcellerate, leading data center operator in Russia has provided customers with new service management capabilities. The company has expanded the functionality of the Personal Account, consolidating all the necessary information for working with data centers. In addition to standard options such as managing access rights and submitting requests, IXcellerate customers can now place orders and manage rack spaces across different locations.

The upgrade of the Customer Personal Account marks a new step in the development of the service management system, which started in 2022.

To provide DC residents with a convenient tool for customer support interaction, IXcellerate migrated to the Russian ITSM platform SimpleOne. The company merged the external portal for customers and the internal portal for users from customer service departments, IT, sales, accounting, and HR. This transformation has made the process of handling external and internal requests transparent and efficient: all inquiries are now managed exclusively through a single platform since its launch.

The new version of the Personal Account includes information on key services:

  • A list of all signed documents—contracts and service orders with execution statuses
  • A registry of all client server racks across all data centers and campuses, including placement types, service order numbers, and details of connected cross-connects
  • A list of all client requests with filtering options, as well as request templates for ordering new services
  • Access levels and permissions for authorized employees and customer representatives
  • Reference information, regulations, and links to instructions

Information security and high data availability are achieved through the implementation of advanced cybersecurity solutions, including verified libraries, vulnerability scanners, resilient software configurations, source code analyzers, encryption, and tunnels for accessing critical data. The company ensures protection and confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2022. Daily backups are maintained to safeguard data in case of unforeseen situations or technical issues.

In the next phase, IXcellerate plans to integrate additional colocation indicators into the Personal Account. By the end of the year, customers will be able to monitor power consumption and rack load, request customized reports, and receive notifications (alarms) in case of deviations from contracted parameters.

galina juravleva

«Operating a modern data center is impossible without digital services for customer interaction. A fully functional Personal Account is not a luxury but a necessity for any reputable data center provider. It is a measure of service quality on par with reliability levels, energy efficiency, and other important parameters. Every customer should have the ability to view current services, order new ones, change placement configurations, analyze and pay invoices, regulate operational metrics, and more. We are evolving our customer-centric approach considering the growth of capacities and new trends in transforming customer experience. Our goal is to introduce a full-fledged digital assistant that will make colocation management as comfortable as driving a premium-class car».

Galina Zhuravleva, Director of Customer Service at IXcellerate

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