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Banking & Finance

With the rapid-changing world and technological advancements, financial organizations and banks face greater risks and need a reliable and safe environment to store and protect their sensitive data.

Banking & Finance is one of the largest segments to store infrastructure in our facilities. Being among the most demanding customers, such organizations require exquisite solutions in connectivity, physical and cyber security. IXcellerate data centers provide everything to suit the strict needs of clients whose businesses wholly rely on 100% availability and security.

  • We support your high power density deployments, up to 25 kW per rack.
  • All our facilities are built in accordance with the Tier III reliability level, have PCI DSO and ISO certifications.
  • Since the launch of our first data center in 2013, IXcellerate’s customers have never experienced even a second of downtime.
  • With over 50 telecom operators present on site along multiple IX platforms, clients from the financial industry have a lot of options to optimize their presence.
  • In addition to our customizable power, cooling and colocation solutions, we offer a vast array of security options to turn your mission-critical installation into an impenetrable fortress: dedicated fenced-off areas and entire data halls, biometric access control, motion sensors, 24/7 video surveillance, man-traps and more.

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