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Colocation - hosting of racks with server hardware

2 independent campuses at different locations

scalability: hosting of 1 to 1,000+ racks

24/7 available infrastructure and its continuous monitoring

up to 52U hardware hosting options

high-traffic installations (up to 55kW per rack)

safety and security of customer equipment

IXcellerate offers colocation services at two data processing centres at different locations on most attractive and easy terms.

2 independent campuses

Set up your server hardware in two campuses at different locations

gibkost razmeshenia

Hosting flexibility

You can rent IXcellerate racks or set up your own equipment of different dimensions with a holding capacity of up to 52 U



Hardware hosting options range from 1 to 1,000+ racks whatever your business may require

visokonagryzennoe razmeshenie

High-traffic hosting

High-traffic installations available for up to 55 kW per rack

multi lvl kontrol dostupa

Multi-level access control

Checkpoints and security desks, security guards, Access Control and Monitoring System, biometry, CCTV monitoring

Suite of supervisory control systems

Continuous monitoring of the operation of the entire DC infrastructure


Safety and security

Private enclosures, dedicated areas and gateways



Configurable cooling parameters, including in-rack cooling or wide cold corridors

What does the DC colocation service include?

The colocation service offered by our DCs means this:

Excellent connectivity

Thanks to its neutrality and partnership with many communications service providers, IXcellerate offers its customers one of the highest levels of connectivity in Russia. Both campuses are interconnected by optical fibre links via two independent lines.

Scalability of digital resources

We keep scaling up our capacity and building new DCs in order to ensure flexible scaling for every customer for years ahead.

24/7/365 technical support

IXcellerate duty engineers monitor equipment performance in real time and process customer enquiries on a 24/7 basis. Instant response makes it possible to prevent problems and solve any issues well and fast.

«Remote Hands»

IXcellerate technicians can take charge of any equipment-related activity such as assembly, upgrading, installation and removal, configuring and testing, troubleshooting etc. This will save time and resources for our customers.

Failsafe operation guarantees

IXcellerate data centres are designed in compliance with all the requirements of the Tier III international standard. All infrastructure components have redundancy, which maximizes reliability for colocation and equipment availability at the level of

per year
High-traffic installations

Our data centres can accommodate all-in-one service solutions, however sophisticated, including infrastructure for superdense computations. The load limit per rack is

up to0kW
per rack
Site access

Our customers can access their own equipment at any time of day or night, as well as, apart from leasing DC space, rent an office unit and/or set up a warehouse on-campus as necessary.

site access
Global maintenance standards

DC maintenance is provided as per international regulations, in compliance with all statutory requirements. We conduct equipment testing and staff upskilling on a regular basis. We have in-house stocks of spares, tools and accessories and contracts in place with service companies and vendors.

Unparalleled affiliate ecosystem

We offer our customers the widest possible choice of communications providers, systems integrators, cloud service providers, hosting and peer-to-peer platforms. Our sites in Moscow offer not only colocation but a place where you can develop your business relationships, find new…

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placement in our data centers

Do you have any more questions?

You can apply for the DC access for an authorized employee of your company through the customer portal IXC-desk.

You need to email us a completed ACL authorization form at

An IXcellerate engineer can supervise work by such an employee/contractor as part of a commercial service called Remote Hands. The same service can be used to accept/send your equipment.

No, we do not provide carriage for customer hardware.

You need to complete a delivery/removal certificate with a list of equipment and attach it to your request on the portal IXC-desk.

The Data Centre operates 24/7/365. Equipment installation can be performed either by your technicians or our engineers whenever convenient for you if properly requested in advance.
If provided by our engineers, equipment installation will be part of a commercial service called Remote Hands.

You need to request your access badge 24 hours in advance.

Yes, you can. In its server rooms, IXcellerate provides mobile workstations (monitor, keyboard, mouse) to use server hardware.
The data centre itself has customer rooms that can be used to work, safekeep personal items, relax, have a cup of coffee/tea and charge gadgets.

Yes, you can. Operation of customer equipment by IXcellerate engineers is subject to an extra charge, as part of the Remote Hands service.

When hardware is hosted by an IXcellerate data centre, the hardware must come with two power supplies.

When working in the server rooms, you can use tools to handle the equipment or consumables free of charge.

For 7 working days, your equipment is kept safe by us free of charge; thereafter, the service is billed as applicable under the contract.

Yes, you can rent lockerboxes in different sizes at the IXcellerate data centre. You can access the lockerboxes round-the-clock 24/7/365.

Yes, we can provide racks, remote controls and other components for a fee upon request.

You can email us with your questions and proposals at

Location of campuses IXcellerate

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