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Dual-campus strategy

To maximize efficiency and bring more value to our customers, IXcellerate follows a dual-campus strategy with IXcellerate Moscow North and South campuses.

Located within Moscow metro area 29 km apart from each other, both sites offer Tier III services and are carrier-neutral with easy access to over 50 local and international providers. With this, our clients can plan their deployments with primary and back-up installations and enjoy a wealth of low-latency connectivity options across both campuses.


  • IXcellerate Moscow North campus is less than 10 km away from the largest media center in Russia – Ostankino
  • IXcellerate Moscow South is 9 km away from the largest connectivity hub and internet exchange point in Eastern Europe – MSK-IX and MMTS-9
  • Both campuses have great geographical locations: far from any environmental threats, within well-developed areas that enable easy logistics

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