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Datacentre IXcellerate_THE SUMMIT data hall The SUMMIT entrance

We are happy to announce the new name for IXcellerate Phase 2 data hall, which is almost filled up with customer installations. Today we are proudly launching

  •  THE SUMMIT Data Hall

which got named after enormous efforts and contribution from Sumitomo Corporation and personally Katsuya Kashiki, head of the ICT division.

This goes in full alignment with IXcellerate internal branding and DC communication strategy. The approved concept for all the DC names is THE CONTRIBUTORS – people/companies/events, that had significant impact on IXcellerate growth and development.

Above are the mock-up and actual foto of the SUMMIT data hall entrance. Hopefully you will note a small sun on the top of the mountain in the orange color. This is due to the strategic 10-year partnership between IXcellerate and Orange Business Service, collocated in this particular data hall.

For your info – the data hall Phase 1 is named after IXcellerate co-founder – Cliff Gauntlett.

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