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Three years ago, IXcellerate has signed in and donated to charity foundation “Sozidanie”, which helps talented children from low-income families across Russia reach their dreams.

Since then IXcellerate scholars in different regions of Russia receive a monthly scholarship to help develop their abilities and talents.

phase 3 webOn July 16, one of the scholars from the 2019 program, Roman Svechkarev came to visit IXcellerate to thank the donors and get acquainted with the company&team.  Roman was passing through Moscow, he was on his long way back home to Kalmykia, from spending 3 weeks at all-Russian kids camp “Ocean”, which is located in Vladivostok, 9000+ kilometers and 120 hours away from his house.

The company management prepared a rich program for Roman; the managing director Dmitry Fokin explained what a data center is and what its ecosystem is made up of. The marketing director Dina Nurkaeva gave a tour to the IXcellerate Moscow One and Moscow Two data centers. In addition to the overview, Roman was shown a video film about modern telecommunication technologies and how businesses move into clouds. Special inspirations was on the IXcellerate’s annual summer festival “Rockin’ Russia”.

We hope that similar meetings with other scholars will become a great tradition of our company.

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