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powerbee launches new cloud product based on ixcellerate data center

PowerBee, a Russia-based software developer and cloud service provider, has launched its flagship product PowBee CRM using the facilities of IXcellerate’s DC. The solution is designed to automate customer relations strategies, and specifically to boost loyalty, optimize marketing and improve customer service performance.

The introduction of the new product signified a key milestone in the roadmap for the advancement of the all-encompassing PowerBee Digital platform, which includes a CRM, targeted event management system, financial accounting module, dynamic analytical dashboards, and sales management system. This is a fully localized solution with exceptional performance.

PowBee CRM caters to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Access is available to customers by SaaS subscription. The platform processes more than 1 mln transactions per week. In order to ensure smooth operation and quick integration while migrating customer data from global services, the developer needed a reliable data center provider.

mikhail sorokin powerbee ru

«For us, like any cloud service provider, even the slightest downtime is very critical. We must be 100% confident in choosing a data center, as uninterrupted access to our platform from anywhere in the world depends on its operation. Our solutions are used by clients across Russia, as well as in CIS countries and the Persian Gulf. Thanks to the IXcellerate data center, each of them gets secure access at any time of day or night. We are also in a position to keep tabs on the situation and the system’s serviceability via online monitoring 24/7».

Mikhail Sorokin, the owner of the PowerBee company

The customer was looking for a facility with a solid track record and high service standards. The key selection criteria were the DC reliability and fault tolerance, as well as high connectivity. The contract in place provides for infrastructure scaling as the business grows and new products are launched.

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«Import substitution projects in this country keep growing, including in the SaaS industry. Russia-based developers release products that hold their own in quality against global brands, , and the question is only how to ensure safe and reliable access to them for a maximum number of users. Our data centre is to take on this mission, including the long-term context of the further cloud growth and expansion of their infrastructure».

Andrei Aksenov, CEO of IXcellerate

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