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According to Knight Frank’s research, Russia’s data centre market grew by 19% in 2020 and is in 15th place among Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Here are the main conclusions of the analysis:

– The global pandemic crisis has been a growth driver for individual commercial real estate segments. The data centre market has shown strong growth.

According to IXcellerate CEO Andrei Aksenov, the growth of the Russian data centre market during the pandemic was driven by the growing demand for capacity from digital giants in e-commerce and banking, as well as a general trend towards the digitalisation of social and economic processes. The demand for data centre services will continue to grow significantly in the future. This allows for the launch of new sites, including IXcellerate’s largest project, the 14-hectare IXcellerate Moscow South campus;

– In 2020, activity in the European region was extremely strong, with annual demand of 701 MW and a total of 1,737 MW of data centre capacity built, under construction and announced for construction. Total investment in the data centre segment amounted to $34.9 billion in EMEA (a new record, surpassing the 2017 figure of $24.8 billion).

– Asia-Pacific is still performing more subdued, with demand at 371MW in 2020 and new market supply at 713MW.

Read more about the study findings.

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