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Welcome to the next edition of IXmaintenance, were you can read about the daily life of our DC Operations Team.

Last week the regular UPS maintenance checks for the data halls and connectivity systems were carried out. The received test results showed full compliance with IBM Level 3 requirements.

The checks were performed under specific conditions whereby 100% of the power supply was provided by diesel generators.  Accredited professionals delivered key metering components, including insulation resistance and battery voltage balance.  As usual there was no interruption to any existing customer installation, or respective SLAs.  It should also be noted that the power supply within this testing period was organized through two uninterruptable power streams

At IXcellerate Moscow One Datecentre our power supply is simple and efficient, based on independent “clean” power streams with static UPS devices.  Distributed redundancy created by multiplexing UPS power to both increase efficiency and enable different services levels to customers – 2N+1, 2N, N+1. Distribution boards are partitioned to enable maintenance of individual components  without disconnecting the entire board


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