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ixcellerate sets up backup site for cifra bank

The company IXcellerate, leading operator of commercial data centres in Russia, and Cifra Bank, top private investment bank, signed a cooperation agreement. Under the signed contract Cifra Bank placed standard server racks as well as reserved space for growth at the MOS1 data center (North Campus).

Cifra Bank’s emphasis on ensuring the reliability of its IT infrastructure and the continuous availability of services to customers in a rapidly evolving data security environment prompted the establishment of a new colocation site.

Before finalizing the agreement, a comprehensive audit of IXcellerate was conducted by experts from Cifra Bank’s legal, IT, and security departments. They thoroughly reviewed all procedures, incident maps of the data center, hardware and software security solutions, certifications and customer commitments. The decision to select IXcellerate was based on the company’s outstanding reputation, Tier III uptime guarantee and valid PCI DSS certificate, ensuring full compliance with security standards.

sergey stepkin cifra bank

«The name of our bank reflects our focus on technological progress [cifra means digit in Russian]. For us, digitization is not a jump on the bandwagon, but a way to offer our customers a whole new paradigm for life planning, business administration and welfare management. Among the factors in determining attention to and interest in our products is fast zero-downtime access. Having decided to expand our capacity to one more location, we were looking for a provider that would be willing to take full charge of this task. IXcellerate has a proven track record as a data centre provider that always keeps its promises and ensures smooth sailing for its customers. And now we are happy to experience this first-hand».

Sergey Stepkin, IT Infrastructure Director, Cifra Bank

Cifra Bank’s racks are housed in a data hall with five physical security layers, including a biometric access control system and security against unauthorized access. The server area is equipped with an access control and monitoring system, smoke detectors, and a local fire suppression system with sprinklers. IXcellerate, in line with the SLA, guarantees a service availability level of 99.982% and maintains cooling and climate conditions that meet the global ASHRAE standard. The racks are serviced by several carriers.

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«We know the pivotal role of technology in today’s competitive landscape and its impact on customer loyalty and business growth. The majority of our customers view us not just as a data center provider but as a strategic partner responsible for critical tasks that contribute to their success in the market. Recognizing the importance of reliability and security for financial institutions, IXcellerate values the trust placed in them by Cifra Bank».

Andrei Aksenov, CEO of IXcellerate

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