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IXcellerate, operator of Russia’s leading international datacenter, has won “Best Data Center Cooling & Ventilation Solutions in Russia” within the Sustainable Building Awards category of the annual UK-based BUILD awards.

The independent jury praised the design of IXcellerate’s cooling system, celebrating its outstanding flexibility and mutual redundancy between data halls as well as green approach in rainwater supply for chillers. The design suggests not only top-of-the-line cooling, but the ability to reconfigure and alter to meet specific customer requirements.

IXcellerate’s cooling system is based on a combination of chilled water and air cooling units, which can accommodate traditional Air Handlers (CRAH), as well as in-row or in-rack, chilled water cooling.  The redundancy of the units is based on N+1 with one additional unit available for every five deployed. In addition, to balance the temperature across the halls, the system incorporates customized perforated false floor tiles with variable airflows that are supplied into the cold aisles.

Dmitry Fokin, Managing director at IXcellerate: “Cooling technology is an essential part of the data center design and has a crucial impact on its performance, energy consumption and flexibility. IXcellerate aims to provide the highest quality and exceptional customer service for all colocation customers in Russia. Our cooling and ventilation solutions are optimum examples of the modular design principle that we apply to the entire facility. Engineering infrastructure onsite enables our customers to realize projects of any complexity, even creating a “datacentre within a datacentre” of up to hundreds of racks. This is achieved by using a combination of redundant and standby systems”.

On May 29, 2018 IXcellerate will open its Phase 3 with an 1100 rack capacity, bringing the total number of racks in the building to 1835. The new mono-volume data hall will be the biggest in Russia, utilizing an even more sophisticated cooling system.  Currently, over 70 international and Russian customers, including OBS, Softline and Nestle are seeing the real benefits from IXcellerate’s cooling capabilities.

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The Build Awards is a UK-based organization, dedicated to uncovering and rewarding the very best in technical innovation, design and service from across the worldwide construction and property industries.

The awards are held throughout the year and address all sectors and areas. The 2017 Sustainable Building Awards celebrate the trailblazers of construction industry, recognizing the high-level of dedication and skill that has been displayed by the innovative firms and individuals of the industry.


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