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ixcellerate povysil moshhnost data tsentra mos5 do 64mvt

IXcellerate, leading operator of commercial data centers in Russia, announces a power capacity upgrade for its MOS5 data center, located in southern Moscow. Since commissioning of MOS5 first phase in 2021, the power capacity of the DC nearly quadrupled and reached 64 MW. The current upgrade will ensure fault-tolerant operation of up to 160,000 single-unit servers with 300 watts power consumption each.

Pre-launch activities took six months to complete. That period saw the completion of a new power supply centre equipped by 100% domestic and friendly-country solutions (sections, cells, automatic transfer switches, protection units, etc). The power supply centre is adjacent to the DC building.

It integrates four distribution substations with a capacity of 16MW each and fourty 2,500 kVA transformers connected thereto, as well as uninterruptible power supplies and distribution switchboards. The estimated power usage efficiency (PUE) is less than 1.4.

To boost the facility’s performance, IXcellerate technicians have developed and implemented a unique load distribution scheme: every data hall (phase) of the data center is connected to all distribution substations at the same time, which improves the fault tolerance and optimizes the backup power capacity.

To date, two phases of MOS5 are in operation (1,516 and 836 rackss) five phases in all are planned with a total capacity of more than 4,700 racks. Once the next three phases of MOS5 are up and running, the company plans to build and launch the MOS6 data center within the grounds of the South Campus. To supply MOS6 with electric power, it will be necessary to connect another 56MW. Thanks to the concerted effort of the company and its partners, grid connection terms and conditions are already in hand, with a completion time frame of several years. The design and approval of the cable routes are on the final stage.

The total power capacity of both IXcellerate campuses (the North and South) when fully brought online (8 data centers) will exceed 280MW.

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«The construction and launch of IXcellerate’s new facilities are proceeding to plan. By the start of 2025, another 2,500 rack units or thereabouts will be ready, to enable our customers to go forth with their digitization plans for years ahead. What is more, we will always find ways to support the upscale for installed base and launch of new digital projects. It is our top priority to ensure fault-tolerant operation for our customers, who are steadily growing their businesses. We are and will continue doing everything we can to make it possible.».

Andrei Aksenov, CEO of IXcellerate

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