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IXcellerate, operator of Russia’s leading commercial data center, completed the modernization of its peering platform; Eurasia Peering. It is based within IXcellerate’s data center and offers traffic exchange services in Russia.

To increase the quality of the service and amplify the international status of the platform, IXcellerate’s peering experts have significantly revamped its infrastructure and broadened connectivity options: from April 2018, all members have access to ports with 1, 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gb capacity.

Currently, the service provides access to 18 telecom network operators, including Cloudflare, Mastertel, Telecom Exchange, Netrack, Filanco, Avelacom. Eurasia Peering’s presence within the data center allows connectivity with just one cross-connect from other clients and DC zones, and having a non-blocking switching capacity ensures increased technical efficiency, keeping the SLA at 99.999%. The average time to connect is 3 days.

The platform is fully compliant with Russian legislation and is registered as “Eurasia Peering LLC”. With all the necessary licenses to provide telematics and data-transferring services, Eurasia Peering is registered in Russian registries, as well as in the global internet-register RIPE and international database PeeringDB.

Guy Willner, IXcellerate CEO: “The launch of the modernized Eurasia Peering platform within our data center comes at a very opportune time. With the current rapprochement with Asian countries, Russia and especially Moscow is seeing a huge influx of Chinese companies and investors. Now that the new “One Belt One Road” strategy is rapidly developing, Eurasia Peering will help existing and new clients get better connected and get access to a vast array of partners here at IXcellerate, enabling them to access Europe’s largest Internet user base of over 100 million users.”

The platform’s services can be used by both the existing clients and partners of IXcellerate Data Center, as well as by external companies. These can be Russian companies interested in increasing their traffic-exchange speed with foreign companies, and international corporations willing to enter the Russian internet-market and find a neutral service provider in the region. Data center clients can join the platform for the cost of a cross-connect.

About Eurasia Peering

Eurasia Peering is an independent traffic-exchange platform, based in the IXcellerate Moscow One data centre. The platform ensures access to the constantly growing client database and provides peering services with the guaranteed 99.999% SLA. Eurasia peering offers ports with 1, 10, 25, 40 and 100Gb speed with a total 3.5 Tbit capacity. The platform is a member of the global internet-register RIPE and international database PeeringDB.

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