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IXcellerate will be the Premium Sponsor of the annual international conference «Data Center 2017» organized by IKS-Media Holding. The event will take place on September, 13 in Moscow at the Digital October space.

Data centers infrastructure becomes smarter and smarter with every year. New interesting solutions appear in the field of IT and engineering systems management, as well as operation control. These solutions are focused at automation of staff activities, increase of data center effectivity and controllability,  resulting in decrease of operation costs and TCO.

Intelligent and optimal construction of data center is not enough today to win in competition with existing sites and offer more reliable and diverse services; one should also take into account data center maintenance and operation costs. Automatic systems, effectively planned data center management and its scale – it’s the only way nowadays to gain in service net cost, and thus to get serious advantages in competitive struggle.

At «Data Center-2017», besides traditional items, we are going to discuss the following:

  • How to offer your clients competitive and reliable IT service?
  • How to decrease operation costs and rule the staff effectively?
  • TCO and automation level: where is the balance?
  • Service models: different ways of IT transformation.
  • Data center architect. Where to look for human resources and how to train them?
  • Software-defined revolution. What does it bring for data center of tomorrow?
  • Cloud as a successful business case.


At the conference “DataCenter – 2017″ will consider all the main aspects of the design, operation, management, and data center services:

At the conference there will be round tables and thematic discussions with leading experts.



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