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ixcellerate is proud to win the prestigious cx world awards 2024

During the awards ceremony held on April 24 in Moscow, our company was honored with the High Jury Award in the category of “Best Human-Centric Customer Experience” for our innovative “Customer Journey” strategy. Each year, the CX World Awards recognizes and celebrates outstanding projects, initiatives, and strategies, as well as partnership programs, products, technologies, and improvement and modernization efforts within the Customer Experience (CX) industry.

To clinch the award for “Best Human-Centric Customer Experience”, we showcased our commitment to a customer-centric approach in shaping the customer experience, designing CX processes, empowering employees in

decision-making, demonstrating empathy and accountability for outcomes, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and delivering tangible examples of successful teamwork and brand reputation enhancement.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for their trust and unwavering support. The IXcellerate team remains dedicated to further enhancing and refining our services to ensure our customers receive unparalleled experiences and solutions.

Thank you for your trust and acknowledgment!

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