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IXcellerate, premier carrier and cloud neutral datacenter in Moscow, announced its new customer program called Global Connectivity. Its main purpose is to enable clients to quickly, easily and comfortably integrate their IT resources with global clouds as well as plan, build and develop their heterogeneous network both in and out of Russia under a single contract with IXcellerate.

The new program will make it possible for all Russian clients of IXcellerate, who deploy their infrastructures at the Moscow One DC to enjoy additional options: a dedicated channel, connection to global cloud operators and projects and computations at global cloud resources such as Microsoft Azure, Oracle, IBM Softlayer, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and many others. Linking-up is done from a common interface without signing an agreement with the foreign operator of choice.

All of the services are provided via Equinix Cloud Exchange platform under a partnership agreement of IXcellerate with Equinix Inc. – the world’s number one DC operator, developer and DC solutions provider. According to the terms, IXcellerate becomes an official reseller of Equinix and may offer its services from the partner’s global ecosystem currently including 140+ DCs on 40 markets across five continents, 1,000+ networks and 1,100 cloud and IT service providers.

All legal requirements to personal data storage in the Russian Federation are observed. Russian companies that work with such data and rent racks at IXcellerate’s Moscow One DC will still enjoy standard corporate services in accordance with national law.

Companies that do not process personal data should also find IXcellerate’s new services appealing, especially developers or firms with geographically scattered DC making active use of cloud resources in Russia and abroad to support their technological processes.

Guy Willner, CEO, IXcellerate: “New times bring new technologies, and cloud erases state borders despite geography and politics. Our new program will support this trend. It follows the latest tendency of hybrid computing, where traditional in-house infrastructures and public clouds services become integrated. Direct access to global clouds in full observance of Russian legislation and the single point-of-access significantly raise the value and level of our services to Russian customers. We are opening to them whole new venues of planning, expansion, upgrading of their IT infrastructures on the basis of our DC.”

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