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IDC-G C.E.E. Regional Operations Dinner (22 February, Prague)

IXcellerate, IDC-G’s Russian Alliance Member, attended IDC-G’s inaugural Operations Dinner in the central and eastern Europe region. The event was hosted by Alan Hawkins, Commercial Director of Dataplex, IDC-G’s Hungarian Alliance Member, joined by De Novo (Ukraine), Altus IT (Croatia), Plix (Poland), NX Data (Romania), as well as P4 Sp. Z.o.o. (Poland), Arup, and Arma Partners. See details 

2nd Datacentres Central and Eastern Europe (22-23 February, Prague)

IXcellerate attended the conference along together the leaders of datacentre businesses across central and eastern Europe which included IDC-G’s other Alliance Members in the region: Dataplex (Hungary), De Novo (Ukraine), NX Data (Romania), Altus IT (Croatia), and Plix (Poland).

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David Cologne, Director of IXcellerate, spoke on the Finance and Investments panel on the markets of the region, particularly the Russian market, with a few selected banking and commercial property professionals, including Gabriel Harris, Director of CBRE.


1. ITW’12, 14-16 May, Chicago (see here);

2. IDC-G EMEA Sales Event, 30 May, London.

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