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We at IXcellerate are 100% committed to supporting young specialists and universities in Russia.

This autumn, we hosted again multiple visits and gave students the opportunity to overlook the aisles of working server racks under our team supervision. While we would traditionally host one group per quarter, this autumn broke all the records – we delivered three all-encompassing DC tours for students in two months.

ixcellerate news 01 10 2020During those tours, attendees got the chance to receive an immersive DataCentering course, giving them an understanding of why data centers are more than just “a bunch of server racks and expensive cooling units” but are rather the airports of the internet. In the same way, as multiple airlines interconnect in major airports and offer access to any destination, we act as a hub for carriers and service providers.

This September, for the first time ever, we hosted international MBA students from Russia’s MIRBIS Business School, most of whom were accomplished managers and entrepreneurs, heads of departments and CEOs. The discussions centered around the benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure and how IXcellerate grew from a start-up into one of the fastest growing and most respected international IT companies in Russia today.

A few weeks later, we hosted a student group from the MSU School of Business. And just a couple of weeks ago, Russia’s brightest came knocking again: students from the Higher School of Economics, an esteemed Moscow-based educational institution.

Aside from delivering the DC tours and tailored seminars, IXcellerate supports education and young specialists in a variety of ways: in 2017, an IXcellerate executive was called to be a jury at the Kinder MBA contest – organized yearly by the Economics Department of the Moscow State University for young teens, keen on business. One of the top prizes got future entrepreneurs to meet IXcellerate founder and CEO, Guy Willner, for an informal breakfast, asking him about the intricacies of working in start-ups, finding one’s place in life, and developing professional skills or dealing with ever-demanding life challenges.

Another way we support education at IXcellerate is through regularly hosting field classes and educational courses with grades and certifications, led by world-famous data center guru, Greg Sherry. Greg is one of the leading experts in the field of data center design & management and is a trusty counselor at IXcellerate.

We look forward to sharing DC knowledge and giving tours to even more students as we’re venturing deeper into the academic year!

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