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No, you read it correctly.  And no, this is not a case of professional deformation. Despite the fact that today most countries celebrate Valentine’s Day, February 14th is also known as the day the first electronic computer was unveiled to the public, making it an unofficial Computer & IT day.

A brief history lesson: in 1946, on this day, American scientists demonstrated the first working electronic computer ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator). This wasn’t the first ever computer (or a prototype), mind you, but ENIAC was the first to perform practical tasks and – most importantly – was the first to utilize the binary code. And as we all know, this code is the basis of almost all electronic devices today: from the LCD display on your refrigerator to the NASA super-computer. As the case with almost all IT breakthroughs of the twentieth century, ENIAC was created for military needs, in particular, for carrying out artillery and aviation calculations. The computer operated for almost a decade and was decommissioned in 1955.

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of how ENIAC’s legacy impacted the post-industrial society and our entire civilization. Therefore, we congratulate all members of the IT community with FEBRUARY 14th and we wish you high-quality hardware, reliable data centers, stable connections and unobstructed networks.

And love, of course.

IXcellerate Team

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