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bulbThis spring we have placed multiple collection boxes for waste paper and batteries across the office, at the warehouse and inside the Datacentres.  All the 225 used fluorescent mercury-containing lamps were taken to a special recycling plant.




bumBy the end of 2019, our company has collected 144 kg of paper waste — for comparison, it is about 57 packs of office paper. All this paper did not get to the landfill, and went to recycling, where it turned into a new paper-hygienic products.

Thanks to your support we managed to save valuable natural resources:

  • 3 beautiful live trees;
  • 677 kWt*h of electricity generated from fossil fuels;
  • 5 m3 of fresh water suitable for drinking and household needs.

In addition 144 kg less greenhouse gas CO2 was released into the atmosphere. This is the same gas, the excess of which causes climate change.

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