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from design to realization of a dream

Have you ever wanted to see in person how one of the largest data center campuses in Europe will look like?

By taking just one look at the spectacular 3D model of the IXcellerate South Campus, you can easily assess the scale and architecture of the “Data Center for People” concept, and most importantly, visually experience the entire infrastructure from the inside, including checkpoints and parking lots, power facilities, data halls and, of course, buildings with convenient office spaces for employees and clients.

IXcellerate engineers and marketers spent several months developing and consulting with designers and operations’ teams. This meticulous process included detailed infrastructure modeling, scaling of power centers, office spaces, and technical facilities. The work also required on-site visits for quality control and parameter checks, with the intricate assembly of the model taking half a day.

Upon full load, the IXcellerate South Campus will have energy capacity of over 300 MW, underscoring its significance as one of the largest data center campuses in Europe. Spanning 14 hectares, the facility will accommodate four state-of-the-art data centers, with the capacity to house 20,000 equipment racks.

You can also “turn on” the lights and be impressed by the technological beauty of modern IXcellerate data centers!

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