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Telecom carrier FILANCO launches protection services against DDoS attacks for the clients of IXcellerate, operator of the leading commercial data center in Moscow.

The FILANCO group of companies provides complex software and hardware solutions for protection against DDoS attacks. The benefits of these solutions are their ability to filter malicious traffic without affecting the accessibility of the subject services for legitimate users.

In April of 2018, a distributed network of cloud internet exchange points belonging to FILANCO, modernized its communications hub within IXcellerate. Today, the hub is connected via two physically independent routes with installed DWDM channels with total traffic capacity of 60Gb per second. Upgrading the node made it possible to allocate a separate physical segment for the separation of services from classic and DDoS protected segments of customers.

For IXcellerate customers who order a DDoS protection service, FILANCO provides secure IP addresses and a dedicated bandwidth for secure traffic. Traffic from the Internet is passed through the filtration kits, where the cleaning procedure is performed, while all illegal traffic is directed to the partners’ networks, resulting in customers only receiving clean traffic.

When connected to the FILANCO services, IXcellerate clients will be able to benefit from the following:

  • Protection of any level of complexity
  • Tried & tested high-tech platforms
  • 24х7 monitoring
  • Individual response plan
  • Regular feedback
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible and scalable approach for the current task load

The first 50 clients to connect to FILANCO’s traffic filtering service will receive a 15% discount.


Company information


FILANCO group of companies was founded on September 2, 1999, and includes several large-scale projects.

FILANCO is a full cycle communications provider. Its list of services includes all telecommunications aspects – from domain registration and virtual hosting to data center services and Internet access.

The core business area of the company is the integration of telematics services. FILANCO’s clients may use the best solution from one of the projects or obtain a complex solution that includes a whole range of various projects.

The combination of said solutions allows for the realization of a whole specter of IT business tasks with an individual approach.


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