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EP v black 2 2Moscow-London-Honolulu. January 20, 2019 – IXcellerate, leading commercial data center operator in Russia, is announcing the results of its in-house peering platform – Eurasia Peering IX. Since its modernization in April of 2018 the peer base has grown 2.5 times – from 18 to 50, with non-blocking switching capacity of 3.5 Tbit.

The platform works with any client and offers individual connectivity solutions to all peers – from mass-market players to mega-content generators. Among Eurasia Peering’s partners are Russian companies, aiming to increase their efficiency and traffic exchange speed with global players, as well as international corporations, who are entering Russian Internet space. Among them are cyber security giant Imperva, global cloud provider Zenlayer and many other players from CIS, Europe, US and APAC. The average connectivity installation time is only 3 days.

IXcellerate is not the only data center, where Eurasia Peering has established its PoP. Lately in 2018 another location was added into the traffic route scheme – MMTS-9, which is the largest Internet exchange point in the post-soviet space and one of the biggest in all of Eastern Europe, with more than 440 companies present. Having a node at MMTS-9 means that Eurasia Peering now has access to a vast number of peers, greatly widening peering opportunities for its partners.

When it comes to the delivery of services, Eurasia Peering follows the same competitively advantageous modular approach, that defines all the engineering solutions of its sister company, IXcellerate. Installation in MMTS-9 was made using the Extreme Networks switchboard, running 1-10-25-40-100 Gb ports. This is a powerful and modern solution, that supports installation of additional ports in order to ensure flexible, scalable growth of the platform. The peering itself is done through the IPv6 protocol, which is greatly encouraged by the RIPE Network Coordination Centre.

Eurasia Peering is fully certified and compliant with Russian legislation. The platform is included in the RIPE registry, as well as in the international database PeeringDB.

Guy Willner, CEO of IXcellerate: “Eurasia Peering is developing really fast and is on its way to becoming a full-blown commercial peering platform. The growth rate is truly impressive due to a number of factors – modular engineering, a wide array of available partners, cutting-edge technical solutions in combination with 100% availability and the impeccable reputation of IXcellerate. In the next year we are planning to at least double the number of our peers and stand shoulder to shoulder with established long-running global internet exchange platforms”.


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