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Data Economy EMEA 50: Four of the Top Influencers In Data Centres, Cloud And Data In 2017 are investors in IXcellerate Russia Data Centres

IXcellerate was pleased to see Guy Willner again received international industry recognition at the June 2017 Monaco Datacloud awards. His name along with three other active investors of IXcellerate were included into “The EMEA 50” list, which showcases the 50 people, who are leading data centre, cloud an data through charting new innovations or technological breakthroughs, sheer business acumen, or exceptional entrepreneurial skillsets.  

“If anyone needed comfort that Russia is a market where a lot of value can be created they just have to see who is involved in our project” said Guy Willner, Chairman and CEO of IXcellerate.

IXcellerate Investors, who are also in the Top50 are the top influencer Mike Tobin, OBE, Ralph Choufani, Principal of Abry Partners and Charles Nasser, Founder and CEO of Claranet.





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