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Students of the Moscow State University Business School, accompanied by their professor, have visited IXcellerate Moscow One datacenter.

Masters and bachelors actively participated in the excursion by asking and answering questions to our Strategic Marketing director, Dina Nurkaeva; Account manager, Dmitry Yusupov and Technology Adviser, Bogdan Kolodiy.

Some of the questions discussed and asked were up to date, concerning the new law on personal data storage in Russia and its impact on the Russian DC market today. Also, students were attentive to the datacenter operational process, where they had a look at IXcellerate engineers at work.

Students ascertained that servers run software applications (like Gmail, Facebook, or Angry Birds) at the SLA 99,999% and are almost exactly like the desktop or laptop computer…except much faster and more powerful.

At the end of guided tour, students were appreciative to see the outdoor facilities of the datacenter.

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