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2021 ended with a very special event for IXcellerate. On December 23, our team layed a time capsule in the MOS5 data center, our first facility on the brand-new Moscow South campus, set to launch in Q1 2022.

This tradition comes as an integral part of IXcellerate’s corporate culture. On occasions like this, we give ourselves an opportunity to look at our business from a broader perspective and ask rhetorical questions. What will the efforts made today mean generations from now? What will the role of data centers be in twenty, thirty, fifty, or hundred years? Will anyone find this capsule one day and if so, what will it signify for IXcellerate, as a company?

Despite the fact that such events are purely symbolic, in the eyes of everyone present that evening there was a glimpse of pride and involvement, and this, undoubtedly, was the true purpose of the ceremony.

IVN 4464 копия
IVN 4670 копия
IVN 4591 копия

We want to — once again — thank all of those taking an active part in the design, construction, promotion and sales of the MOS5 data center. We wish our new facility a successful commissioning, uninterrupted operations and many happy customers!

P.S.: By the way, it was not the first time we layed a time capsule into the foundation of our data centers. Here’s how it looked in 2017 and 2019.

IMG 0194 scaled e1642673412250
Laying the capsule into the Phase 3 data hall of the MOS1 DC, 2017
DSC07971 scaled
Team around the capsule spot in the future MOS2 DC, 2019
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