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In an article for “Expert” magazine, Andrei Aksenov, CEO of IXcellerate, shared his opinion on the current situation in the data center market.

The demand for services of commercial data centers in Russia continues to grow.

According to Andrei, the main growth drivers of data center market are digitization, cloud technologies, and the constant increase in the volume of stored and processed data:

«Placing servers and telecommunication equipment in reliable data centers allows companies to ensure uninterrupted operation and 24x7x365 data access, as well as optimize operational costs».

Trend towards reducing power capacity shortages.

Andrei  noted that unlike last year, the parity has been achieved in the Moscow data center market due to increased investments in the construction of new facilities, but power capacity shortages persist in the high-load colocation segment (from 10 kW per rack and above).

«This is due to the fact that most of commissioned capacities over the last 1-2 years (excluding IXcellerate) are standard 'old-school' 4-6 kW loads per rack».

We decided to explore the topic further and asked our CEO about other important trends observed in the Russian data center market in 2024. Among the key trends identified by Andrei Aksenov are:

  • Focus on import independence;
  • High customer focus;
  • Collaboration between business and education system;
  • Bringing data centers into the legal field;
  • Innovations and new technologies.

The full version of the article is available on our channel on Zen (in Russian)

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