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cyberprotect completes migration of its cloud services to ixcellerate data center

Cyberprotect, the developer of backup and data loss prevention (DLP) systems and infrastructure software, has migrated its cloud infrastructure to IXcellerate. The environment has been deployed at the MOS1 data centre in the North Campus of IXcellerate − the leading chain of commercial data centres in Russia. The new DC enables operation of Cyber Backup Cloud and Cyber Backup Personal cloud services.

Cyberprotect is colocated at MOS1 since 2022 to run and support its cloud products. Specifically, the DC houses storage and control servers for customer data backups.

In looking for a new host for its cloud resources, Cyberprotect chose a DC that meets the following criteria:

  • DC reliability (Tier III) and fault tolerance,
  • high connectivity, carrier neutrality,
  • proximity,
  • 24/7 monitoring and availability of reports upon request,
  • convenient and quick access to infrastructure,
  • transparent and user-friendly interaction process with the help desk.

IXcellerate’s data centre turned out to be the best choice on all criteria. The contract provides for an installation scaling option as the customer’s business grows, new products are rolled out and in-house server infrastructure is expanded.

Cyber Backup Cloud is a solution for the provision of backup as a service (BaaS). It can be used by companies of any size and profile to deploy state-of-the-art backup system without additional costs of hardware and software acquisition. The computing facilities are housed in the DC, and for backups the customer can use the cloud storage of Cyberprotect, of alternate cloud provider or his own in house. The subscription is offered by service providers affiliated with Cyberprotect.

Cyber Backup Personal was announced in the spring of 2023. The solution enables the owners of home PCs to configure their backup using removable media and/or the cloud, and then have it run automatically for the duration of the licence term.

When these products are used, all backups are also saved to the cloud, which in turn is backed up to IXcellerate’s DC at the 2N standard. Double backup makes for higher reliability of the users’ computer systems, data integrity and easier recovery.

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«We can see that interest in cloud backup service is constantly growing. Today we are affiliated with large and small companies, major federal service providers; we must provide impeccable service to their customers. For this, our product has all bases covered: it integrates with a great number of Russian IT systems, is user-friendly and, most importantly, is reliably backed up at one of the major data centres in this country».

Elena Bocherova, executive director at Cyberprotect.

IXcellerate has also become a user of Cyberprotect products. The company installed Cyber Backup for the virtualization platform and corporate IT infrastructure protection. This is an all-in-one solution for data backup and recovery with protection against ransomware.

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«The capabilities of our DC campuses and growth plans allow us to serve companies of any size, make sure their infrastructure runs smoothly and implement any digital project, however ambitious. National champions choose IXcellerate and use our facilities to develop and launch their own products, which become part of the Russian software ecosystem and hold their own against Western-designed comparables».

Andrei Aksenov, CEO of IXcellerate.

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