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Carrier Neutrality

In the same way as multiple airlines interconnect in a major airport and offer access to any destination, IXcellerate acts as a hub for many carriers and service providers, providing choice, resilience, cost benefit and low latency connectivity.

Mike Segal


Mike has extensive experience working in the global datacentre market, specifically with international companies requiring colocation in emerging markets. He brings energy and passion for providing bespoke solutions to every client that IXcellerate works with…

J. Clifford Gauntlett


Cliff was introduced to the Russian telecom market in the late 1980s when he lead Autodesk’s efforts in Russia. Having shared the same passion and a similar Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit with Guy, Cliff helped to create IXcellerate in Moscow. He was a great leader who combined a demanding detail-focused style with a warm and sweet heart…

Dmitry Fokin


With over 15 years of business experience, Dmitry acts as the Managing Director at IXcellerate, leading our expanding operations in the Russian market. Combining US business education with work experience in the USA, Russia and CIS, Dmitry belongs to the growing circle of top managers in today’s Russia who are highly professional, devoted, and possess the financial, business logic and interpersonal skills necessary to successfully drive business growth‎…

Guy Willner


As the Co-Founder of IXEurope, which was sold to Equinix for US$555 million to form Equinix Europe, with over 20 years leadership experience in high-tech companies, Guy has taken his nonpareil expertise to emerging econo mies, and is leading the IХcellerate team with his exceptional charisma, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, international market insights and comprehensive industry knowledge…

System Integrators

System integrator and outsourcers are entirely dependent on meeting the complex demands of cutting-edge technology while controlling costs, IXcellerate can help to secure high-specification, stable and reliable data centre infrastructure in Moscow | download Outsource whitepaper zp8497586rq


IXcellerate datacentres provide secure and reliable places to locate the business critical infrastructure that helps customers to smoothly run vital networks, applications, services and data across the globe | download IXenterprises & IXonline computer security software 765qwerty765


The DatacenterDynamics EMEA Annual Awards is a prestigious event which recognises the very best innovation, leadership and ‘out of the box’ thinking in the data centre industry across the EMEA region. The Business Leader of the Year award recognises Guy…

IXpress Moscow04 Mar/Apr 2014


Featured in this edition:

IBM Certification, ISO9001, ISO27001; 
TMX Atrium Expands Moscow Connectivity; 
Emerson Case Study;
Executive Interviews: & BSO Netowrk;
Ensuring Business Continuity

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