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FirstVDS described the daily activities of the IXcellerate Moscow North campus in their blog on Habr .

FirstVDS hosting provider, which has recently increased its presence in IXcellerate data centres, described its interaction with our data center as seen through the eyes of one of its employees. The engineer Pavel Reshetnikov has been assigned to the Moscow North campus since 2018, and in his blog he writes about the history of the company and the growth of the campus, about site access, security and safety, about the architecture and engineering of the MOS1 data centre, fire-safety measures, power and cooling supply, connectivity, management and much more.

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“All security, cameras, access control – it’s all state-of-the-art. Access is gained after filing a visit request filed in advance or if you have a special card, which works both for the seconded staff of third-party companies and IXcellerate employees. These days, with the COVID pandemic still on-going, all incoming visitors must additionally pass a temperature checkand receive a hand bracelet, without which one can’t be on the premises”.

From Pavel Reshetnikov’s Habr blog

You can read the entire blog post in Russian here.

Company information

FirstVDS is a major Russian hosting provided that leases out virtual dedicated servers to host e-shops, portals and services, as well as for development and testing.

The company offers ready-to-use VDS that can come online in 5+ minutes and flexible NVMe SSD-based configurations for high-traffic projects, Bitrix-based websites, as well as servers with a HDD subsystem for up to 5 TB for data storage and processing, and fault-tolerant Ceph cloud servers. In order to ensure 24/7 availability of services, FirstVDS uses high-performance Intel- and AMD- based RAID server platforms with hot disk swapping. The hosting provider’s customers enjoy a range of complementary services such as server administration, data redundancy and security, and software. Tech support is available 24/7.

All equipment is hosted at two state-of-the-art data centres in Moscow — WEB DC and IXcellerate. FirstVDS is affiliated with the DC Industry Association, and in 2021 it was named the Hoster of the Year 20/21 and received a national award.

  • Konstantin SARKISOV
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