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фаза 2 - скан

Earlier this month IXcellerate welcomed 35 Russian and international students and tutors from STRELKA Institute. The visit was organized under the industrial design curriculum and dedicated 3D modelling project.

IXcellerate Moscow One datacenter was chosen as one of the three mandatory campuses, which future designers, urbanists and creative directors were to explore and model using the Leica laser scanner.


We starteбрифd with the overview presentation, which quickly turned into an interactive session. Questions asked by the Strelka Institute students covered  the launch and further development stages of IXcellerate, conditions for successful entrepreneurship in Russia, trends in the global market of data centers, potential customer profile and main criteria/rea
sons when choosing a data center as a partner in IT-outsourcing.


Tфаза 2raditionally IXcellerate staff gave a DC tour to all the guests in full allignment with security and behavioral  rules, demonstrating the working infrastructure and communication facilities.

After the IXcellerate tour, the students of Strelka Institute were going to pursue a 3D model of the Port of Murmansk

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