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IXcellerate has once again confirmed the reliability of its data center

IXcellerate Ph3 Tier III 180904 EXP2020IXcellerate, Russia’s leading datacenter operator and home to Eurasia Peering Internet exchange, has once again confirmed the high level of its infrastructure. Uptime Institute experts audited the project documentation for the third expansion of IXcellerate Moscow One datacentre campus and issued a certificate of compliance with the Tier III reliability level in the “Design” category.

The audit concluded that the infrastructure project of the largest data hall in Russia is 100% compatible with Uptime Tier III. According to the certified design documentation, the datacenter is capable of non-stop fully concurrent operation and that all maintenance, including repair works, can be undertaken without shutting down the main engineering systems or any impact towards the IT load. The design works were carried out by Arup’s world-renowned global datacenter consultancy –  the general designer and partner of IXcellerate since its launch in 2013.

Guy Willner, CEO of IXcellerate: “Acquiring an independent certification is often crucial in the industry where transparency and reliability of suppliers is a key factor. However, the certificate is not an end in itself, but rather a self-monitoring tool granted by an external audit. Our main goal is to operate the best mission-critical facility in the Russian Federation with reliable and sustainable infrastructure for our customers’ growing business. We thank the Uptime Institute for its contribution and appreciation of our work and we are committed to continue maintaining the highest possible quality of service. ”

Matt Thoene, Senior Vice President of Global Operations for Uptime Institute, commented: “The results of our audits and recommendations have been introduced in data centers around the world for already more than two decades. A reliable data center is the result of long and thorough work, combining the efforts of the data center operator and the designer. We wholeheartedly congratulate IXcellerate on reaching such an important milestone, both for the company and its customers.”

The basis of Tier Certification of Design Documents certification is a set of strict criteria and universally recognized international standards covering mechanical, electrical, structural elements that are defined in the Tier Standard: Topology. In addition to meeting reliability standards, the project should balance risk management, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness, and ultimately, it must deliver financial results. Tier certification helps to link the infrastructure project and commercial tasks, ensuring that significant capital investment will produce the desired result.

Cooperation with the Uptime Institute began exactly a year ago, in September 2017. IXcellerate management signed a cooperation agreement with the Uptime Institute and agreed on a plan for this consulting project.

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