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Rockin’Russia 2019 is an annual open-air festival that brings together people from all across Russian IT industry to enjoy live rock music, delicious food, engaging activities and games, and to discuss latest business news in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. The guests also get a chance to visit IXcellerate Moscow One and Moscow Two data centers with a professional guided tour.

Technology has shaped our fast-moving world into one huge Global Village, without any borders or time limits. We are all Global Citizens, living together on planet Earth. This has become the main theme of our 2019’s Rockin’Russia, and so we decided represent this by transforming our usual site into such “Global Village”. It is a place where you can travel the world in a single day, experience cultures and traditions of different countries, and become a truly global citizen of Rockin’Russia. After all, technology only paves the way, but music is the language we all speak.





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