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Today, we will tell you about the daily routine of our diesel engineers, who do the super important work of providing redundant power supply to the data centre.

The engineers do routine work and regular maintenance almost every day, as we already have more than 30 DGUs installed at our sites. Recently, a new 2MW load cell was added to IXcellerate’s tech park, which is used to test the performance of the diesel generators at full load.

Although the maintenance is carried out by qualified service technicians, our diesel team provides additional monitoring. Regardless of the weather and time of day, the specialists always personally attend to each start-up and ramp-up of a diesel generator set, monitor and ensure compliance with the optimum engine and generator operating conditions, reacting to changes as quickly as possible (but this happens very rarely).

Thus, the installed solutions of Zeppelin and Caterpillar together with the responsible approach and professionalism of our specialists provide guaranteed backup power to our data centres MOS1 and MOS2 with maximum efficiency.

The load distribution on the DGU and the correct operation of all other equipment is monitored by our duty shift 24/7/365 by means of monitoring systems, as well as by performing regular inspections of all critical data centre infrastructure systems.

  • Konstantin SARKISOV
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