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IXcellerate 16Over the next four years, data center capacity is expected to grow by 32.5% and exceed 32GW, which equals the total power needs of a country like Spain.

Members of the data center industry have recently been investing in sustainability and green energy more than ever. Last year, Google became the first company to set the goal for all of its offices and data centers to operate on carbon-free energy 24/7 by 2030. Last month, Microsoft pledged to become carbon negative by 2030.

Sooner or later, the vast majority of operators will follow their lead to remain competitive. We at IXcellerate have long been committed to reusing natural resources and introducing green initiatives. For example, the design of our MOS5 data center involves maximum utilization of excess heat from the server rooms, installation of heat pumps, and the use of underground water sources for cooling.

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